The Passions of Howard Hughes 2004

Given his huge achievements in aviation, movies and hotels, the multimillion-dollar lifestyle of Howard Hughes is a true American success story. For someone so high-profile, rumors about Hughes's personal life were decidedly colorful; his huge sexual appetite led him to affairs with a string of celebrity beauties. This documentary tells the reclusive billionaire's salacious story, focusing on the private life that Hughes attempted to keep hidden.

Paradise Garden: Howard Finster's Legacy 2014

Howard Finster, the grandfather of the Southern Folk Art movement, was a pioneer that showed the world that Art can thrive outside of museums and galleries in ordinary places and in everyday objects. He took what others might deem trash or obsolete and turned it into something contemplative. He opened Paradise Garden for the world to enjoy, a true testament that Art comes to life, when people are able to interact with it. Howard Finster showed the world that objects surrounding us can take on a new life, in a sometimes magical way, and communicate messages that can lead to transformation.

Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta 1992

Released in 1992, "Butt Bongo Fiesta" came on the heels of the ending of the WWOR television show. Howard was doing all kinds of "butt-bongoing" at the time and the title skit on the video is a send-up of Hispanic dance shows, with your host "Howard Estern." The video also features Jessica Hahn in the 3-D skit "Jungle Man", "Guess Who's the Jew" with Kurt Waldheim, Jr. and KKK-guy Daniel Carver, see Capt. Janks go on a date with John DeBella's wife (which Howard predicted would happen in his battle with DeBella in Philadelphia), the "Gross Video Contest" winners, Boy-Gary dressed as an ape and eating his baby doody, the classic "Tribute to Vagina," and you get to tag along on a real, live, lesbian dial-a-date. Many consider this to be Howard's best video of all. Exact sales figures were never released, but the best guess-timates were that "Butt Bongo Fiesta" sold about 300,000 copies with virtually no advertising except for Howard pushing it on the show.

Howard Goodall's Organ Works

Prolific British composer Howard Goodall traces the history of the pipe organ, from its ancient roots all the way to the 21st century, in a whirlwind tour of the instrument, which takes Goodall to Spain, France, Germany, Holland and the U.S. Four sections -- "Medieval Organs," "Baroque Organs," "19th Century" and "Contemporary" -- make up the documentary, winner of the 1997 New York Festival Silver Award for Best Arts Program.

Howard Stern's Birthday Bash 2014

Stern's 60th-birthday bash at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom reinforced just how many household stars of music, stage and screen have responded to the directive, as Stern, his crew and satellite broadcaster SiriusXM, Stern's radio home since 2006, delivered a four-hour gala rivaling the star power of any glitzy awards show. Perhaps even better; whereas the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards spotlight talents in their respective fields, Stern's party melded those of numerous walks, truly befitting his moniker as the "King of All Media."

Well Known Stranger: Howard Finster's Workout

Well Known Stranger: Howard Finster's Workout is a film about legendary folk artist Howard Finster of Summerville, northwest Georgia. At the age of 60, after forty years as a Baptist preacher and "small motor repairman", Finster heeded the call to "paint sacred art". In a tour-de-force of self styled "talking art", Finster describes the prophetic dreams, spiritual inspirations and visionary experiences that led him to become a painter. His work was selected in 1984 to represent the United States in the prestigious Venice Biennale

The American Aviator: The Howard Hughes Story 2006

Biography - Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. did more than dream. Yet behind the glamour, fame and fabulous wealth, there lurked a darker side: a sick, isolated and deeply unhappy man who hid behind his image and ended up a prisoner of his own insanity. This is his story. - Howard Hughes

Howard Stern's U.S. Open Sores 1989

Howard Stern's U.S. Open Sores was an event that occurred at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York in front of a sold-out attendance of 16,000. Taking place on October 7, 1989, the main event featured a tennis match between Howard Stern and his radio show producer Gary Dell'Abate.

Joseph E. Howard: America's Popular Composer 1928

Joseph E. Howard presents some of his compositions: 1, 'Goodbye My Lady Love' used in 'Showboat,' 2. 'What's the Use of Dreaming,' 3. 'Oh Gee. Be Sweet to Me Dear,' and 4. 'I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?'

Howard Finster: Hidden Man of Heart 1980

This remastered, rare, local production from the 80s is an unfiltered look into the mind and heart of the world-renowned folk artist Howard Finster. Walking and talking in his Paradise Garden, Finster gives insight into his visions, Faith, and artwork. He even sings and plays the banjo. Dr. George Pullen interviews Finster. And in this case, the word "interview" means that Dr. Pullen just lets Finster talk. And it's pure gold.

Ben Howard: Live At Lowlands 2012

LIVE AT LOWLANDS FESTIVAL BIDDINGHUIZEN, THE NETHERLANDS 17.08.2012 PRO SHOT - 55 MINUTES - NO MENUE Setlist: Depth over Distance Old Pine Only Love The Wolves Everything Black Flies Keep Your Head Up The Fear

Howard Lederer: Secrets of Texas Limit Hold 'Em

Howard Lederer, arguably the world's best No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em player, shares his secrets about one of poker's most popular games. Lederer teaches betting strategy, gives valuable hints about spotting tells, shares clues on bluffing, gives ideas about slow play, and tells fascinating stories about championship play. Players new to the game can learn the basics, while intermediate players can learn how to sharpen their skills.

Howard Hewett Intimate Greatest Hits Live 2005

Howard Hewitt Performs in front of a small studio audience in LA . Featured songs : " Stay" " I'm For Real" " Once, Twice, Three Times" "Heaven Sent " and More.

Ben Howard - At Le Bataclan Paris 2014

Conrad In Dreams Small Things I Forget Where We Were Rivers In Your Mouth Time is Dancing Evergreen She Treats Me Well End of the Affair Oats in the Water The Fear All Is Now Harmed Encore: Everything

Ben Howard - Live at Casino De Paris 2012

1. Esmerelda 2. The Wolves 3. Burgh Island 4. Old Pine 5. Keep Your Head Up 6. The Fear 7. Oats In The Water 8. Promise Ben Howard is certainly a specimen of what the British scene excels to reveal sometimes! Ben began writing songs when he was eleven. In an interview with the American Songwriter magazine, he stated that when he was a kid he started playing guitar because he liked to put words together and make stuff up. After a few EPs, his major debut studio album came in 2011 titled "Every Kingdom". 2013 was the year for fame, winning both Brit Awards for which he was nominated: British Breakthrough Act and British Solo male Artist. In this concert, you will see that the gentle surfer is full of surprises! Beneath the laid-back exterior lies a solid musical background, with major references to John Martyn. He continues to hone his song-writing skills.

Howard Hughes: His Women and His Movies 2000

A reclusive millionaire who owed his fortune to his father, Howard Hughes staked his fame on many things, including his credits as a producer, director and aviator. But he is perhaps best known for his skills as a Casanova, reportedly romancing Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis. Actor Billy Zane narrates this documentary, which offers a glimpse of the man behind the glamour.

Howard W. Hunter: The Modern Prophets 2014

Four days before his wedding, Howard William Hunter, 24, played his last engagement as a professional musician. From then on, whether as a successful corporate attorney, church leader in the Los Angeles ares or apostle of the Lord, Howard's life was dedicated to serving others. His focus on temple service began as a young bishop and carried through to his presidency as he challenged the Church membership to increase temple worthiness and attendance. His tenure as the 14th President of the Church lasted only nine months, but he left a wonderful legacy that blesses us today.

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