Tosuni The Birth of Happiness 1963

Ttosun, a young hard-working woman with a good heart, falls in love with a driver but her father disapproves of the match.

Crest of the Stars: Birth 2000

This is the story about how Dubus, Lafiels father, and Plakia after an adventure on a mysterious, abandoned spaceship decided to have a daughter together and why Dubus gave her the name Lafiel.

Eko Eko Azarak II 1996

Kimika Yoshino returns in this prequel to 'Wizard of Darkness' to play Misa Kuroi before she was famous, or at least before she realized she was a witch. 'Birth of the Wizard' begins in Meiji-era Japan, in a village of former witches and wizards. I say former, because someone seems to have slaughtered them. Skip to the present day, and an archaeologist discovers a mummy from the village. Blissfully unaware that the mummy is, in fact, possessed by an evil spirit (naturally), he runs off, leaving his assistant alone. The mummy comes to life, kills her, and the evil spirit takes over her body. This evil spirit is now searching for Misa, who is protected by Kyle Reese, It is Misa's destiny to defeat this evil spirit, but she needs Saiga's help to do it.

Birth In Action 2012

Birth In Action chronicles the experience of one family's journey through a natural childbirth. This documentary takes an in-depth look at the natural birthing process, as well as the various stages of labor and birth from the moment the mother's water breaks to the glorious birth of the couple's son. Complete with insightful interviews from one of today's leading Midwives and the Doulas and Educators who helped make it possible. This documentary provides some of the most current information available today on 'low-tech' births without medical intervention

Birth of a Flower 1910

"Percy Smith (1880-1944) was world famous as a photographer of plant life. Probably the first British example of time-lapse photography as applied to the growth of plants." Montly Film Bulletin, November 1955

Birth of the Pearl 1901

In this picture there is a limited amount of action in the pose. As the curtains are drawn aside the shell appears shut. It gradually opens, disclosing the model curled up in a recumbent position. She slowly arises as if awakening, and gracefully assumes the final position of the pose.

Birth of Europe 2012

This 3 episode series details the epic story of the origin of Europe - a place with a surprisingly diverse nature stretching from the snowy far north to the coast of Africa. Defined by volcanoes, ice ages, the collision of continents and even asteroids, the legacy of human history masks its awe-inspiring geological past. Born in the early days of the Earth, Europe is constantly being affected by the powerful forces of Mother Nature. It was forged in the fire and crushed by the collision of continents, carved by water and fire.

The Birth of Triplets 1964

Informational birth-of-a-baby documentary short from back when such a thing was one of the few respectable ways to look at a woman's hoo-hah in public.

From Conception to Birth 2005

This fascinating program follows the physical development of a baby from conception to birth by following the pregnancies of a number of young women. Using enhanced computer animation made from ultrasound pictures and computer graphics this program illustrates and describes the development of a child from beginning through birth. For example, at four weeks the embryo is no bigger than a grain of rice, at eight weeks the size of walnut - all organs are developing, liver lungs brain and bones, at 26 weeks it can taste, squeeze hands, respond to light and sound, and might survive if born. These and many more interesting facts are explored.

Birth of a Golem 1990

With the feel of experimental film, Gitai mixes storytelling, readers' theater, cityscapes (usually seen from moving trains), and desolate landscapes to mediate on the act of creation. What if a golem were fashioned out of dirt, much like Adam, and came to life? The film imagines it, in the desert and in Moscow. Interspersed are stories of a 14th-century Tuscan artist's creation of a tower that plays music when the wind blows, of a film director, and of Jeremiah and Sirat. In what ways is making a movie like creating a golem?

Birth of Jazz 1932

Impressive early music synchronization with fevered visuals, 1930s-cartoony to the point of being camp. Classical themes: "Moonlight Sonata", "Poet and Peasant Overture". Popular themes: "Down Home Rag", "St. Louis Blues".

Birth of a Nation 1965

Alfred Leslie's Birth of a Nation 1965 consisted of separate plays drawing upon the words of O'Hara and the writing of the Marquis de Sade.

Birth of a Warrior 2015

Abandoned by a shrouded woman on the steps of a peaceful temple, a baby is taken in by the monks who dwell there. Named White, the child grows into a man learning the ways of the temple -cooking, meditation, Kung Fu - under the careful eye of Master Tenzin. Ten years pass and an orphan girl, Sierra, is taken in by the temple. As time passes, a friendship blooms between the young students of Master Tenzin. Years later White and his training brother Jamyang hear a commotion while walking on the Temple grounds. A gang of thieves snuck into the Temple and attacked Master Tenzin, stealing an ancient and powerful secret the monks have protected for centuries, the Chenresig Statue, as well as kidnapping Sierra! As White holds his dying master in his arms, he swears to return both to their rightful place, no matter the cost.

Birth of a Nation 2017

In "Birth of a Nation", Jem Cohen takes his camera to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration and to the next day’s protests.

Birth of the Seanema 2004

Those images flow from track to crack the sea. This memory is lost. Or is the memory, which invented new. They said to each other Buzz to give daytime and night vision can listen. They are a girl who becomes a kite. And the men who tear the island on the glass. The girl, who later became Mangpor. Become lost memories become memories fabricated on. In a city that became birds. Stoles back into the infinite ocean. The mold may not recognize the language. Pictures without a source A set of memories that still existed in the dim fuzzy. If you are in the clear. The image will leave forever gone.

Breath/Light/Birth 1975

Video transformations of documentary footage of a woman giving birth, assisted by members of a religious commune. Isolation confronts the communal, the gruesome confronts the holy in this most mysterious of events.

Birth of Eros 2003

An unedited, double-exposed camera roll shot at the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, NYC, on the occasion of a birthday screening for Bradley Eros.

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